Aston Villa not giving up on Barca in the race to sign Bilbao free centre-back

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Aston Villa are battling Barcelona in the race to sign centre-back Inigo Martinez, who is out of contract with Athletic Bilbao.

Martinez is attracting interest from many clubs. and received several proposals Because the current contract with Athletic Bilbao is about to end. Become a free agent this summer Birmingham Mail are reporting.

That Aston Villa are among the clubs looking to sign Martinez on a free transfer this summer. According to the needs of Unai Emery, head coach of Spain Previously, Martinez was one of Barcelona’s defensive targets, who favored free signings with out-of-contract players ufabet

While the 31-year-old centre-back looks set to move to the Nou Camp as well.However, Aston Villa will fight relentlessly to get Martinez to join the team this summer. Because he saw that Barca wanted Manchester City’s Emmerich Laporte as the main target. Even having to contend with Atletico Madrid, another team that wants to sign a free defender from Athletic Bilbao as well.

It would be a real triumph if Villa could get both of these stars through the door. They would elevate the defence and midfield to the next level, helping Villa to potentially move up the league table next season.

Signing players who are either on Real’s books or being targeted by Barca would show Villa fans that Emery means business. But getting them to join when they have other big offers on the table will certainly be a challenge.